Profit First


Profit First

Stop bank balance accounting and become financially fit. We want to empower you to have the life you dreamed of when you started your business.

You are working so hard but your business seems to be running from deposit to deposit and you\'re constantly watching the bank account hoping there will be enough money come in in the next few days to meet payroll or pay some bills. Then you have your income taxes done and your CPA tells you that you\'ve made a profit and you owe the tax man!! Wait...what?

Being profitable is a good thing, having to pay the tax man is not a bad thing, but not having the money to pay your taxes, or the CPA, is a problem. What about paying yourself? You are the best employee your business has!!

Did your Grandma use a cash flow system otherwise known as the envelope system? When the money came in it would be divided amongst the, utilities, food, incidentals. Those were the days before debit cards and etransfer. With Profit First we use a vamped up version of this system, utilizing bank accounts instead of envelopes. We allocate monies to different accounts... profit, taxes, owner\'s compensation, operating expenses etc.

depection of the survival trap most businesses caught in

With the implementation of Profit First systems, we\'ll guide you to ensure that you are getting paid and that you have the money set aside for those taxes. You won't be going from one crisis to the next any longer! We\'ll even put a plan in place to set aside funds for Profit and an emergency fund in case of unexpected hardship like the recent Covid19 pandemic.

Every business will have different needs and wants but Profit First is a methodology that can work for everyone if your allocations are correct, they are implemented properly and you are committed to the system. No cheating! No \"borrowing from Peter to pay Paul\"!

I am currently enrolled in the Profit First Certification program and I am looking for beta clients to implement Profit First.

Contact me for more details.

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