IPBC 2019 Conference &Trade Show – Ready To Go!

We’re signed up, paid and ready to go!

Every September, the IPBC holds an annual conference where over 300 professional bookkeepers from across Canada will join together for three days of education, networking and collaboration. Last year the conference was in Calgary, this year the conference will be in Ottawa-Gatineau Wednesday September 18th to Friday the 20th.

I always look forward to the conference. I always learn something new and come away excited for growing my business and even more excited about all I’ve learnt to help my clients on their journey.

There are over 50 educational sessions to choose from. There are sessions that I call “internal,” all about my business. Ideas for growing my business, maintaining my business, workflows, apps etc.

There are sessions that are “client based,” all about clients. Ideas for helping clients understand their financials, helping them grow, choosing the right software and apps for their needs.

There are sessions about software and Apps.

It always takes me a few days before conference to just go through the different sessions and decide which ones to attend. Even then I sometimes change my mind after hearing something through a colleague or seeing something in the trade show.

Oh, the trade show! Amazing! Most of the software/App partners of the accounting industry are there showing off the latest and greatest they have to offer. It’s where we get to experience demonstrations and see first hand how technology has evolved in the bookkeeping/accounting world in the last year.

This year, for the first time ever, my partner in life and business will be attending with me. I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with Libor and seeing which sessions he will choose to attend. Because he’s not a bookkeeper, I know he’ll go to internal ones. This means I can focus on my clients…what a great team!

Is there something that’s challenging you? Let us know, we’d be happy to check out a solution at the trade show and/or in a session.

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